The Benefits of Indoor Bowls

Not too Strenuous – Indoor bowls is a great way to exercise if you don’t want something that is too strenuous. This is why it is so popular with the older generation as it only involves light exercise and doesn’t require lots of running around.

All weather game – If you don’t want a sport that is too weather dependant, bowls is ideal. As it is an indoor sport, it can be played in any weather, so there’s no danger of games being cancelled due to being rained off.

Sociable – Many people take up a new sport to improve their social life. Some clubs have other social activities beyond bowls, including fundraising. Many indoor clubs also have bars where you can socialise with fellow members before and after matches. If you want to get involved in either club fundraising or charity events you may get a chance to do this at your local club.

Fun to do – Whether you want to play competitively or purely for your own satisfaction, bowls can be a very pleasurable pastime. It’s a hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and there are growing numbers of younger men and women that are taking up bowls competitively.

Affordable – It’s a good idea to compare the fees of clubs in your area to find one that suits your budget. Some clubs have pay as you go sessions, others have annual memberships and some have ongoing fees as well annual membership fees.

Promotes good physical/mental health – There are many health benefits when you take up indoor bowls. It improves hand eye coordination and strengthens muscle tone. Any type of exercise will lead to stronger bones, muscles and joints. Regular exercise also prevents depression and anxiety and promotes healthy sleep patterns. Experts recommend doing 30 minutes of exercise per day. 

A team member – Joining an indoor bowls club will give you a sense of belonging, so you will feel part of a team. You can make a firm commitment to the game by buying your own bowls equipment and clothing. Having your own equipment will enhance your sense of pride in taking part in the game.

A Sport for all - People with a variety of physical or mental disabilities are able to participate and gain the rewards of playing sport. A sport that also lends itself to being played by all ages.